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The visitor of this online drugstore in this adult and is allowed for making his or her own medical decisions under the complete law of the Place of Residence of Customer/Buyer. Pharmaceutical medicines that are ordered from the FortuneHealthcareStore.net store by Customer were prescribed by a licensed and duly qualified medical practitioner in the Place of Residence of the Customer. For some of the specific diagnosed medical condition post personal examination of doctor for safety outcomes.

A customer that has not violated any of the laws in Place of Residence of the Customer while being a condition with a prescription for ordered medications. Nobody other than a customer that has ordered the product can use the medication. Customers are not expected for completely relying on the information that is provided on this store and any of the employees and/or its affiliates in making decisions for ordering the medications by Fortune Healthcare that are listed here.

Make sure that you consult the doctor immediately in case you have come across any of the side effects by consumption of the medications that are ordered from FortuneHealthcareStore.net. The condition like customers as being wholly responsible for performing safe and regular examinations with a primary physician for assuring that they shall not have any medical problems would contradict condition while consumption of the combined medicines including ED solution and existing or ongoing treatment.

The visitor of FortuneHealthcareStore.net also agrees and acknowledges medications shipped from a foreign country and they do understand that these medications have not been manufactured in the state they have asked for it itself. Customers are understood to agree for submitting certified prescription through the means of fax or email or such provision authorizes the pharmacy from their doctor.

Buyers/Visitors of the store might agree to all the agreements and various contracts that are made between customer, FortuneHealthcareStore.net and/or the affiliate stores and websites. These shall be deemed for having made in India and accordingly it shall be governed by the laws of India. That Customer might be completely acknowledged for the ordered product that might not be returned for refunded or any sort of exchanges.

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