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The privacy policy of the online pharmaceutical store is detailed below. This online drug store is an Erectile Dysfunction medication provider that is manufactured that a top company called Fortune Healthcare. Content used throughout the online drugstore does not intend to defame, purge, or humiliate the manufacturer or whosoever it might be a concern. The product reviews that are spotted on this online store on the respective products are right from some independent readers and website users or owner does not control this section.

The store completely respects and appreciate directly contact, in any case of removal of any of the specific content - acknowledged or some realization from your side that is incorrect, sensitive or copyrighted. The largest ED pharmacy, is an online retailer of best-handpicked medications. We disclaim any responsibility on the usage, dosage or consumption of the medicine that is manufactured for treating Erectile Dysfunction condition. The customers are solely responsible for consulting their physician, before consumption of any of the Erectile Dysfunction treating medicine listed on this pharmacy store. Just like any other brand medicine, the generic solution listed here can also lead to several side effects that vary from medicine man to man.

Some of the other seen banners on the home page or other pages of the online store do not belong to the Website Owner. Our pharmacy is not at all responsible for any of the content that might appear on the 3rd party’s banners. Some of the trademarks that are very much visible on the website are copyrighted by the manufacturer of the solution and it belongs solely to them. The online drugstore is an affiliated store for Fortune Healthcare Pharmacy composing trusted and most effective erectile dysfunction treating medicine.

All the information on the medicines that are provided here is only liable for some of the most trusted generic medicines and they should not be relied on for sole consumption of same or other similar medicine.

Information Needed For Shopping Through

This section of the online drugstore stands to be one of the main sections that throw a bright light on types of information that are gathered together. Below listed is some of the information required while buyer/customer registers with this online drugstore and information through the navigation present on this website:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Fax number
  • Phone number

Providing some of the other details including residential address can be done only while ordering the medicines. However, in case you place an order, all of the personal information is needed. It might include correct shipping address and payment details for making the transaction and order successful.

The online drugstore collects and stores the IP address and browser data for presenting online services and also maintaining the online pharmacy store. Information that is collected includes, pages visited, the number of times they spend on the particular page or how often you visit the pharmacy, the time you spend on the website, all of this information shall help in developing the website for making the online shopping experience more pleasant, desirable and hassle-free.

The Cookies at the website are used for collecting the passwords and navigate around the store with complete ease and giving you full excess. However, the files are log files that are stored on your system. If you do not wish to trespass the cookies, just disable the browser settings and it is done! However, disabling the cookies might further not allow you to view some of the sections on

Information gathered of customers/patients information that visits this store

There are various reasons as to why the information is extracted from your end by the online pharmaceutical drug store:

  • For allowing to access various pages on the store without any of the obstacles
  • Sit helps you to browse various offers that are present on the website on premium products and other services
  • We also need the Acknowledge of the visitor and interaction on the site features, for the improvement from our side
  • It helps to avail and update by various offers, discount, etc. we might have for customers
  • For other Customer Service Department for getting in touch with some of the other issues, you might have while performing a transaction or completing the order
  • For bringing on a legal action against someone, who is violating the policies of and the personal information that is disclosed only for appropriately and/or permitted by the law

Acceptance of Disclaimer

The online pharmacy store requests and needs you to read, acknowledge and accept the complete disclaimer, before proceeding towards any of the order of medicine. Sub-domains of the online drugstore can access the information that is provided by you for providing better pharmacy services and for availing effective product range in the condition like a penile failure. We entertain all of your queries with regards to the Disclaimer/Products or some of the other Otherwise.

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