Exploring the Unlikelihood of Erectile Dysfunction After Hernia


Understanding quite the link between hernia repair and sexual function is needed for anyone who has had or is considering hernia surgery. In the description below there are all the answersto those common questions about the chances of having impotence. Erectile Dysfunction after hernia repair and what factors might all come into play.

Can You Have Sex with a Hernia?

People might often wonder in case it is safe to make love when they have a hernia-like condition. In most cases, yes, but it is also vital to pay attention to the body and talk openly with thathealthcare provider in case you might have any worries or discomfort. During the recovery period, it is also important to understandand respect the body's limits.

Sex After Hernia Surgery:

Post hernia surgery, one shall be getting back to those regular sexual activities which shall also occur gradually. The healthcare provider shall further guide one on when it is all safe to resumesexual activities, which shall depend on the type of hernia repair and how well you are recoveringfrom that condition. It is also crucial to follow some advice to avoid complications during the healing phase.

Can a Hernia Cause ED?

Having some of the conditions like hernia, does not usually lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction. While some of these issues are related to different health concerns, they shall be wonderingif there is a connection to the same. It is also more likely that the surgery and recovery from those processes about things that shall affect sexual function temporarily. In case, you have issues with erectile function, talk to the healthcare provider regarding personalized advice.

Impotence issue in men is nothing to worry about as consuming Fildena can help in overcoming the issue as a whole.

Erectile Dysfunction After Hernia Surgery:

It is also very rare for someone to have an impotence-like issue directly as of hernia surgery. Fildena is the pill that is important for attaining and sustaining a stiffer penile erection for a longer time. Most of the people who shall regain normal sexual function post recover. In case, you are concerned about the sexual function post-surgery, you must talk openly with the healthcare provider. They can further address thatspecific situation and give personalized advice too.

Viagra After Hernia Surgery:

If you are thinking about using medications like Viagra or Fildena after hernia surgery, it is quite essential to talk to the healthcare provider first. They can further guide you on when it is safe to start using these medications which are well based on the recovery progress.

The pill can work well for allowing men to attain and sustain a stiffer penile for longer lovemaking sessions. Never consume the pill in excess or it shall lead to adverse reactions that might need medical assistance.

The chance of having impotence or erectile dysfunction post-hernia repair is usually quite low. While it is all okay to resume sexual activities post-issue of hernia surgery, it is crucial to follow the advice of healthcare professionals for a safe recovery. One might be about open communication with the healthcare provider about any of the concerns or questions that shall arise with regards to the sexual function post-surgery and it is also the key to getting personalized advice and support about the same.


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