How Is Dehydration And Erectile Dysfunction Related?


Water is the basic necessity of life. Something one cannot live without. It is more important than food and clothes. One can live without food and clothes at least for some days but not without water. Having less water is an open invitation to a lot of diseases or health conditions. The world has already started facing a shortage of water daily.It is always said if there is water there will be life. Since ages, we have heard that we need to save water. The future is in trouble. Future generations might not be able to satisfy their needs.

Drinking less water can disturb the proper flow of blood which might interact and create problems for having correct and hard erection. One of the most important things for having the best erection is proper blood flow, Fildena 100 helps to do that.

Drinking Water Slows Down Aging

One study said that aging increases the risk of ED from 1.2% per year for men aged in their 40s, to 4.6% per year for men aged 60 and above. On top of that, aging also increases the risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, which are also linked to Erectile Dysfunction. One can take the help of Filagra to treat impotence.

Need Of Water

Even animals need water. Although there are animals who can go days without having water like camels and tortoises even after some days, they will need water to survive. Humans need more water than animals. Due to global warming, there are water shortages in many countries of the world.

How Much Water Do You Need?

For men, the recommended daily water intake is about 3 liters or 12 cups. This may seem like a lot, but it is not that difficult to reach if you are drinking water throughout the day.

Too much water can make you go to the loo a lot of time. There are countries where public urinals are not safe and can invite a lot of unwanted infections, especially for females. Tap water might contain a lot of bacteria which gets killed once the water is boiled. Even hard water once boiled is safe for drinking.

Do not drink a lot of water in the evening or at night. Drinking a lot of water atnight can create a lot of pressure on the kidneys, and in case if the person does not flush it out on time, it can lead to serious issues. Many people, control the urge to pee which is the worst thing they can do for their body.

Having said above, it also depends on an individual’s body and health about how much water their body requires. Everyone’s requirements might be different.  People can ask their healthcareexperts to know how much water their body needs.

One of the best things that water does is, it flushes out all the extra and unnecessary things from the body. It is also said that people who have a lot of water are less resistant to getting detected with cancer, as the harmful cancer cells might also get flushed out of water.


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